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professional Resumes

We write resumes tailored to your needs and specific career history.

Federal Resumes

Have the confidence to get an interview for a federal job after applying on USAJobs.

Interview Coaching

Take the mystery and guesswork out of acing your next interview.

Job Search


If you have been unemployed or out of the market for an extended period, some coaching can help.

Federal and Military Resume Writers in El Paso


Many people come to us on a regular basis and ask a multitude of questions about federal jobs, El Paso government jobs and of course, federal resumes. El Paso is a prime location for obtaining a federal position through USAJobs. With Fort Bliss, one of the largest Army bases in America, located right in the middle of the city there are a wealth of positions available. Not only that, our military resume writers handle these projects on a weekly basis. 

If you are looking for an El Paso government job or a federal position anywhere in the U.S. on USAJobs we can help. Our federal and military resume writers are experts that understand the ins and outs of applying on USAJobs. We know exactly what your resume needs to look like and include to get referred. Find out more about my federal resume services here:

Federal Resumes are Longer

Federal resumes are tailored to meet the specifications that are outlined on the USAJobs website. While a resume for the private sector is strictly 1-2 pages, a federal has no page limit. The average that we write is about 6-8 pages long. When it comes to documenting a career path it can get lengthly. This is especially true when veterans with a 20 year career history need a military resume for a military to civilian transition. 

The USAJobs Website Can Take Time to Learn 

It is true, getting a federal job is no easy task. The learning curve on figuring out the USAJobs webpage can be stressful. Some positions are only open to specific people, every job has specific requirements, you need to turn in the associated paperwork in a specific way, and so on. Job postings can be up to seven pages long. Enlisting the help of a qualified federal or military resume writers can go a long way.


A Federal or Military Resume Resume Writer Can Help

While competing with thousands of other applicants, you can feel overwhelmed and at a loss as to what to do on USAJobs. As a qualified federal resume writer, I have in-depth knowledge and experience with the website. I can write your federal resume to match a specific job posting and even help you with the application process. If you are looking to transition from military to civilian life, we gladly offer experienced help for this type of resume and job hunt.

Take a Look at How We Can Help: 
  • Write Your Federal Resume 

  • Write Your Federal Cover Page

  • Update the Resume to Match an El Paso Government Job posting

  • Update to Match any job posting in the U.S.

  • Explain the Ins and Outs of USAJobs 

  • Help You Upload the Resume and Documents

  • Military to Civilian Transition 

  • Turning Military Jargon into Qualifications 

Contact Us Today


If you want to apply to an El Paso government job or anywhere in the U.S., but don’t know where to start, you are at the right place! We can turn your career history into a comprehensible military resume specifically designed for USAJobs. If technology confuses you, don’t have to worry about how to format or upload your documents.  Keep in mind, our federal and military resume writers are experts that understand the formatting and keyword processes that will get you referred on USAJobs.

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