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Top Reasons You Need a LinkedIn Profile 

According to a study conducted by Jobvite, 94% of employers utilized LinkedIn to identify candidates in 2014. Over the past four year’s the site’s popularity has only grown.

LinkedIn is Essential

When LinkedIn opened up the option to create blog posts on the network the attention of hiring professionals was peaked. They now had a new way to gain insight on prospective employees. This is an amazing opportunity for job seekers to utilize the space on the network to use keywords matched with their unique qualifications to attract attention.

LinkedIn Is Great for Creativity

One great aspect of LinkedIn is the fact that you can get more creative with the language and presentation than usually find on your resume. You also don’t need to worry about limiting the length to a certain amount of words. There is more opportunity to share your accomplishments and strong points with endless formatting. LinkedIn now works like a job search website in which you can ensure your profile and job descriptions are keyword rich.

While LinkedIn is a bit less rigid than a resume, you do want to make sure you have certain points included in your profile. You also want to be sure the writing is prestigious and free of errors. Potential recruiters may end up seeing your page if you have the right wording.

Contact a Professional Resume Writer

If you want to take a shortcut to a great LinkedIn profile give us a call. You can rely on our creative writing skills to perfect your career descriptions and professional summary. 

LinkedIn Help


There are plenty of job posting on LinkedIn. Optimizing your profile and including the right keywords will get you seen by hiring officials. 


Recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to find potential job candidates on a regular basis.


Networking can be more powerful for your job hunt than simply applying to jobs online. 


It's much easier to use than most job hunters realize. The setup, system and social network are extremely user friendly. 


There are less job seekers on LinkedIn than other job search websites.


When potential hiring manager Google your name they will come across your LinkedIn. 


You can use your profile to build your reputation and create trust and rapport. 

Need more details? Contact us

If you are ready to take the next step please give us a call. We work on a one-on-one basis providing customizable resume services. I maintain a high success rate because I provide in-depth, undivided attention to every client. For that reason, my calendar fills up quickly. The end result is a cutting edge resume. The sooner we get started, the sooner you can get that interview. Contact me today.

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