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Job hunting over 40 is a new norm. In fact, job hunting over 50 is just as normal. With a changing workforce and economy, it’s only common sense that experienced workers are needing new jobs and better income. 


If you are over 40 and looking for your next job, don't be intimated! Actually, about 50 percent of our clients are in your same boat. 


Alexine's latest guidebook is full of information, actionable steps, tips, and strategies for the job search and interview process. 


Find out more about: 


  • Beating ageism in the application process and interview 
  • Answering common interview questions that can be intimidating or even illegal 
  • How to write your qualifications to really show your value
  • Structuring your resume to land jobs after retirement 
  • Starting fresh with a career change after 40 
  • Writing a resume without appearing overqualified
  • Landing an interview that is a good fit for your qualifications


This ebook is great for anyone looking for information during a daunting time and process. There is no wrong time to look for a job, but there is a right way to do it! 


Job Hunting Over 40 - Overcoming Over-Qualifications to Land Your Next Interview

  • This is an ebook delivered electronically. You will not receive a hard copy of the product. 

  • After purchase and delivery there will be no refund or exchanges. 

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