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Common Cover Letter Red Flags

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Your cover letter has the special capability of making your application materials stand out from the rest. Having said that, if you don’t look out for the common cover letter mistakes it can also hurt your chances too. These are some tips from professional cover letter writers so that you’ll have higher chances on landing an interview.

Typos and Grammatical Errors

Having easy-to-fix errors is one of the worst cover letter mistakes and will send your application materials straight to the trash. If you have typos and grammar errors, it will be interpreted as if you don’t care enough to land the job to actually read through and check your application materials. Never rely only on spell check.If you are really, really interested in this job, have a professional cover letter writer look it over with you.

Having an Overgeneralized Cover Letter

Another huge cover letter mistake is creating an overgeneralized cover letter for all the jobs you’re interested. Having the same cover letter for several job postings, while making minor tweaks to the company name and hopeful specific name of a hiring official is not a terrible thing. When done correctly, it can save you time. However, it needs to be specific and strategic. It should explain what makes you stand out from other applicants. This can include accomplishments or progressive experience. You want to impress each individual with your relevant skills and experiences not with a ‘one size fits all’ cover letter. If you use numbers to demonstrate your worth, that’s even better.

Job Hopping or Career Changing

Having multiple career changes and a handful of jobs throughout the year can be viewed unfavorable by hiring managers. It can seem as a reflection of a fear of commitment or that maybe you have trouble getting along with your peers in every job. If you’re applying to a career where you have little to no experience, you have to ease the employers concerns through your writing and proving your value to them. Explain the reasoning behind your multiple career changes reassure the employer that you’re qualified for the job by communicating how you will use your past experiences in this position.


After a lengthy job search, you’ve tracked down your dream job but there’s a small problem: it’s located in another state. You don’t have an issue moving for it, however, you know that employers won’t feel reassured if they see you need to relocate. Be sincere, yet brief, when explaining your situation and why you’re willing to move for that job but don’t be shy about highlighting your relevant skills and attributes. If you already have plans of moving there, because you have family or friends, it will seem even more ideal to the hiring manager to hire you! If you’re not sure of how to state your interest in relocating, have a professional cover letter writer assist you.

There are numerous cover letter mistakes that job searchers are not aware of. Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes and imagine if you would hire yourself. More than anything, make sure to keep your cover letter pragmatic, sincere, and tailored to that specific job. If there’s a great deal of information you’re proud of and would like to add to reflect your skills, get a professional cover letter writer to help you summarize it all without skipping anything important.

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