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Becoming an Asset at Your Workplace

In the current El Paso work market there are many more applicants than available jobs. If you have a position at a good workplace, count yourself blessed. If your household making $43,000 you are also earning the average income for a household in El Paso. This is much lower than the national average; however, the El Paso housing market also offers better prices than most cities. If you are more interested in keeping your job and thriving rather than looking for a new position, becoming an asset to your workplace is a good strategy. It could be wise to use your resume as a record of your achievements and growing list of skills for a possible promotion rather than a tool to obtain a new job. Check out these tips that have played a big role in getting me where I am today in my resume services.


I have noticed a unique trait among some of my most successful clients that have used my resume services. These clients that have career histories full of achievements have a trait in common. They love to learn and do more at work. They do not have a- “that’s not my job” attitude. Instead, they are eager to provide more work through taking on more responsibilities. They look for areas of the job that need improvement and work to fill in gaps. In turn, when this person moves on to their next career step the workplace is left better than when they came. On that note, their motivation is not a raise. The people I have spoken with are genuinely concerned with increasing productivity, improving processes or making the workplace better.


Becoming a teacher at work is another great way to become an asset at your workplace. Spending your valuable time training and mentoring employees around you shows you are dedicated to your job. Sharing your workplace hacks and knowledge and providing tips on the culture at your office or store are all actions that can add to the workplace. When people begin to see you as an authority on a certain topic or a person they can turn to for advice, you slowly become indispensable. Not only that, you may become a key character to fill leadership roles at work. While the motivation should not be getting a raise or promotion, that can surely happen down the line.


If you find yourself bored at work you may not be challenged enough. In my experience providing resume services in El Paso, I find that a common reason for people to move on from a job is losing interest. Motivated employees like to learn and grow at work. If workers are not given freedom to research or try news tasks and ways of doing things, the workplace can be stagnant. If you have a healthy work environment that fosters growth, challenge yourself. Ask about certifications or ongoing learning. Showing your interest in your position shows your management team that you are in it for the long haul.


This may seem like a common cliche, but it is all too true. If you like earning an income and providing for yourself or your family, learn to get over the Monday blues. Find something that you can appreciate about job and build on-it. Whether you really appreciate your team, find satisfaction in customer service or like specific tasks, find something that brings contentment at work. Looking for the positive factors is a great way to boost your attitude. In turn, you may become a positive influencer in the workplace.


Believe it or not, writing your resume is a real morale booster. Once you see your accomplishments, acquired skills and years of experience, you can feel quite proud of yourself. While it may be hard to articulate these things, seeing them in writing is a big deal. Even if you don’t plan on moving to a new company, having a resume can be handy when it comes to asking for a raise or promotion. If you’d like to sit down and talk about a revamp for your own resume be sure to give me a call. I can help you move on to the next step in your career!

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