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The History of the Resume

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

It is said that Leonardo da Vinci wrote the first resume in 1482. It looked a lot more like a cover page than a resume. He sent it to the duke of Milan in hopes of being commissioned to create fire arms, Marc Cenedella of The Ladders executive job search website explains. Although the purpose of a resume has remained the same, the format and delivery have evolved.

Times Have Changed

I remember coming back to El Paso from deployment in 2009 to find out that the job search and application process had completely moved online. The ship had turned in that direction before I left, but when I returned I pretty much couldn’t apply for a job without applying online. I was amazed to find out, because in the past I had banked on meeting a potential employer and shaking their hand. I was confident in my ability to make a great first impression.

Is Your Current Resume Template Ready?

While the process for applying has revolved, employers recruit and select prospects online as well. This is the first reason you can benefit from a resume writer. Gone are the days of simply choosing a fancy resume template and writing your responsibilities.

Is the formatting in your resume ready for document scanning systems? Do you have the right key words within your resume? Is your resume saved as a PDF or a document file? If you are a bit confused by these questions, you probably are using outdated information to write your resume.

A Wealth of Experience

As a career resume writer, I would highly recommend getting your resume professionally written. Over the past eight years, I have written over 400 resumes. During this time alone trends and formats have changed, which I have kept up with. I can tell you that my base of knowledge has grown tremendously. One of my first clients did not want to deal with me after seeing the rubbish I wrote for him. However, a year later a client of mine received six different job offers after sending out the resume I wrote for him.

You Are Good at What You Do, But Are You a Writer?

You are more than likely not a writer. The professional that you refer to is. As your future El Paso resume writer, I will know how to list your qualifications clearly and concisely. I will have the right keywords on hand. You are also probably not an HR specialist. Although I may not be in the field of HR, I deal with aspects of the hiring process on a daily basis, and have conducted extensive research.

Contact Me Today

The average resume service can range greatly depending on your career field and your region. Once you make the investment, you will have a great resume template and career document to work from for your future. You can have the confidence to use it on various websites knowing your qualifications will be seen. I work on a one-on-one basis and my calendar fills up quickly. Be sure to call as soon as possible.

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