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Why Am I Not Landing a Federal Job?

You’ve completely filled out the entire job application and questionnaire and have submitted all paperwork, including your resume and vital documents. You’ve dot all of the “I’s” and crossed out all the “T’s.” Lastly, you did all this in time. So, why are you not landing that federal job?

1. Your Resume Is Not Tailored To The Specific Job Posting

When reading a federal job resume, pay careful attention to the job description. Instead of submitting the same resume for a handful of job positions, edit your resume so that each separate version aligns with the specific job you’re applying for. This is your chance to sprinkle keywords in your resume to emphasize that you have the experience that is needed for this job. An extra hint: those “sprinkled keywords” can all be found on the actual job posting and questionnaire. We recommend receiving professional guidance from a resume writer. An expert can also help you with application. Getting this help means that your resume and application will meet the rigorous requirements on USAJobs. Handing your project over can also take the stress out of your hands and provide some relief and confidence! This can make all the difference, so that the hiring representative at the organization will pull your resume out of the huge pile of applicants. You may be competing against hundreds, if not thousands, of job applicants looking for federal employment. Using a professional resume writer will ensure that all the keywords needed to make it passed the scan and referred to the next step will be there.

2. You Are Unprepared

In a federal employment phone interview, the worst you can be is unprepared. Do your research beforehand and take the time to learn about the job position and the organization itself. Look up all the social media platforms they post on (their website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), and get acquainted. LinkedIn also serves well to see if you know of anybody that already works for the organization. LinkedIn is also helpful to find a current or former employee to talk to and gain more knowledge and make a more informed decision. After doing your research you can prepare a series of questions that could potentially be some of the questions asked in your interview. If interviews rile your nerves hiring a professional for a few hours of coaching can be very helpful.

3. You’re Not Answering The Questions Asked

Wonder how many applicants go through the hiring panel when searching for federal employment? Each applicant has the same questions asked so hiring managers have a certain expectation when it comes to the responses. Many people get nervous, expand on the answer, and in the end, end up not even answering it. In short, listen to the question carefully and answer it directly. Be observant of yourself when talking so that you don’t come off as self-absorbed or egotistic. Your goal is to leave the hiring panel with the impression that you can do the job if hired and that you will be a favorable addition to their team.

The selection process for federal employment can be extremely competitive. Your best chances at landing an interview, and hopefully a job, is getting help from a professional resume writer. Know that a corporate resume differs in many ways from a federal resume. While a typical job application requires a one to two-page summarized resume, federal jobs require a more detailed resume that can run up to 10 pages. Don’t miss the opportunity of hiring an expert at El Paso Professional Resumes to assist in your job search.

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