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Words to Use on Your Resume

Job searching? Well, getting a job in today’s competitive economy can be challenging. Therefore, it is vital that your resume is developed to its highest potential so it can showcase your incredible accomplishments and skills. After all, you are just a piece of paper to the employers’ eyes, so make yourself the best piece of paper out there by using these few resume tips.

Use Keywords

When writing a resume, it is important to stand out. Many believe that experience outweighs the literal text in the resume. However, most employers are looking for keywords that will indicate the candidate as the perfect match to the company. If the hiring manager does not see these indicators, it is possible that the resume is discarded or eliminated without a second glance, even if the candidate was more than qualified. Therefore, the diction you decide to use is incredibly important. It should be somewhat unique without the use of cliches.

On top of that, if you are not using the right keywords, your resume won’t ever land in a hiring officials hands. Many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to cut down on the work of sifting through hundreds of resumes. If you are not carefully reviewing the job posting and taking note of the specific verbiage the company at hand is using, you are missing out.

Use Numbers

It is imperative that resume writers are specific in order for your accomplishments to have more validity. Using numbers adds credibility to your resume. Instead of simply listing how great of a “digital marketer” you are, prove exactly how great you are; “helped improve company's online revenue by 300% in one year”.

  • Show the growth you have added to the company.

  • Show how much you have helped previous companies save.

  • Show how many people you have helped.

  • Show how often you have completed tasks.

  • Show bottom-line contributions

These solid facts will give employers a much better impression of your skills.

Use Action Verbs

An excellent career coach, Angela Copeland, states, “If you want to show that you’re results-oriented and hard-working, share the numbers. As they say, the proof is in the pudding.” Action verbs are a must to many career advisors, such as Jenn DeWall. These action words should show leadership and transformation. Word choice should be simple, yet powerful and practical. These should denote responsibility and be optimistic, leading the hiring professional to believe that you will be a beneficial addition to their company. The more specific the better! So, try using words that truly explain what happened in that task; “orchestrated” is a great word to use for this purpose.

Other words to improve your resume include: redesigned, launched, value or valuable, modernized, achieved, trained or mentored, managed, created, improved, resolved, volunteered, influenced, increased/decreased, ideas, revenue/ profit, under budget, won, amplified, accelerated, cultivated, fostered, etc.. Using words like “create, led, and managed” will showcase your ability to take an idea and execute a plan to the very end. It will undoubtedly catch the eye of most hiring managers because it shows higher level thinking, a quality most companies ceaselessly look for. Undeniably, catching the company's eye is what you want when job searching.

Provide Examples

Executive coach Kate O’Sullivan describes, “that the most powerful thing you can do is give examples. By listing concrete accomplishments and projects, you are demonstrating you have these skills in a credible and believable way that will help set you apart.” So, another crucial resume tip is the extensive need for examples. Just listing skills that you have will not set you apart from any crowd. You want to say that you are a team player, then show how you have worked with others in the past. You also want to make sure that it is easy to read or ​is ​ skimmable. Resume writers should not sell themselves short! On the contrary, sell yourself. Don’t be shy! Use strong words like “spearheaded” instead of “helped” to show that you not only participated but took the lead. It is key that you use “committed” in your resume to show dedication, from start to finish.

When writing a resume, you are telling your story in the simplest way. Don’t try to fit the mold. Be unique and use a distinctive diction that will make your resume memorable. Make sure to add the proof of your accomplishments. But most importantly don't be shy to brightly highlight your most incredible skills and achievements. By following these resume tips, acquiring the position you have wanted throughout your job search will be greatly facilitated. Good luck resume writers!

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