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A Fresh Start in 2021 – 3 Resume Tips for Applying During the Holidays

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

It is a little-known fact that applying for a new position during the holiday season is a smart move! Whether companies are restructuring or launching new initiatives, having good people on the team is critical to any organization. The new year will always spark the need to expand, grow or change within the job market. Sales performance for the year has come in and new benchmarks are set, all that is left is dynamic human capital and new ideas to make the magic happen. Meeting in-person to convey your professional qualifications is increasingly difficult within our current pandemic, so taking a serious look at how you represent yourself on paper or onscreen is crucial. Here are some resume tips and smart moves you can make to take part of these new beginnings.

Resume Tips for Getting Job Search Ready

Make sure your resume is up to date all the way through the last 10 – 15 years of your work experience. Re-read your resume to check for typos, unclear sentences, or missing information, such as added responsibilities in your current role. Make sure your document formatting works well across most technology platforms and be sure you have included any recent certifications, education or job-related training.

1. Prepare for Video or Phone Interviews

Just like our holiday plans have been directly affected by COVID-19 we also have to consider the way we do business and interact professionally will change. Many employers may request to teleconference or video call to discuss your qualifications. Try downloading common platforms such as Zoom or Cisco Webex to familiarize yourself on how to navigate through meeting virtually. Take advantage of previewing your on-screen presence and practice looking into the camera and maintaining an engaged demeanor. Develop good habits for efficiently decluttering your inbox and responding to messages within 24 hours since maintaining a good pace of virtual communication is key!

2. Create an Attention-Grabbing Cover Letter

Introducing yourself to a room on paper can be difficult but it is an opportunity to create the first impression you have always dreamed of making. Include some of your proudest achievements that inspire you to dream bigger! Highlight areas where you have been seen as an asset by peers or supervisors. Be clear about why you are the perfect candidate for the position at hand!

3. Hire a Professional

Revamping your resume during the holiday season with these 3 resume tips will give you the edge on starting the New Year ahead of the game. Although, if you like to have your cake and eat it too, you can enjoy your holiday season with friends and family and hire a professional to do the heavy lifting for you. Let us help you get your foot in the door by 2021!

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