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4 Reasons You Need a Cover Letter

It goes by many names, but is the same thing; cover page, cover letter, letter of interest, letter of intent, etc. All too often, our clients ask our professional resume writers if they really need a cover page. The answer is a resounding yes. Not only does every job seeker need a cover page, but you want to include one. Too many people just don’t realize that their resume is essentially incomplete without one. Take a look at the top reasons that a cover letter is essential. 

Extra Space to Talk About Your Qualifications 

As a professional resume writer, one of the biggest reasons I say that you need a cover letter is because it is extra space to communicate with hiring officials. This is your chance to convey exactly how you have all the qualifications that they are looking for. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that? 

A Cover Letter is Often Required

If you don’t have a cover page and a job posting asks for one, what do you do? People will do one of two things: write one in a hurry or not turn one in. Writing a cover page in a hurry to apply to a job is a recipe for disaster. It may end up sloppy, not including vital info, full of errors or simply uninteresting. Even worse, when you don’t turn a cover letter in to a job posting that requires one, your application won’t even get looked at. 

Explain Why You are the Best Candidate

If you are a high achiever, a cover letter can be your secret weapon. A good formula for a great cover letter is: These are my achievements at my previous jobs and I can do the same for you. This is a great resume formula for anyone that is a change maker, contributes to the bottom line, is a great leadership guru or improve efficiency and productivity. It works best when you have actual measurable facts to add. This can include dollar amounts, hours saved or goals met. 

You Look Uninterested Without a Cover Page 

When you don’t turn in a cover page with your resume you risk looking uninterested. Consider the fact that often times hundreds of people apply to the same job. When you are up against all these candidates and you don’t have a cover letter, you may just get overlooked. 

Turn to a Professional Resume Writer

Our professional resume writers craft well-written cover letters on a daily basis. We actually always encourage all of our clients to purchase the full package because, in our experience it is what helps job seekers to hit the ground running. A resume is essentially incomplete without the cover page. If you need help in your job search journey, or are having trouble crafting a good cover letter, don’t hesitate to contact us at El Paso Professional resumes. One of our professional resume writers will be happy to help!

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