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What Should a Cover Letter Say?

Keep in mind that writing a cover letter can be much difficult than writing a resume. It is your opportunity to expand on how your experience matches the job requirements listed on the job you are applying for, but more importantly, format it correctly:


If you can personalize your cover letter by using the hiring manager's name DO IT! It shows that you took the time to research meaning: 1) you're not lazy and 2) you care enough to find out who you should be talking to. If you don't personally know anyone that works at the company you're applying to then do your research. Search the internet. You can often find the hiring manager's name in the job description or on the company's website. You want to try and avoid using "To whom it may concern" or other generic greeting because it might seem like you are applying to a handful of jobs and your cover letter might get lost amongst others. The same goes for listing unnecessary job experiences when writing a resume. If you can't seem to find it then try tailoring your salutation to the department you are applying to, such as "Dear Property Management Team."


Like in most writing cases, this is your chance to grab your readers attention and provide an introduction for yourself. Introduce yourself then focus on what's important here which is the position you're applying for. Hiring managers like to see how you learned of the opportunity rather it be from someone who recommended it or online postings etc. If you have been referred by someone who works at the company or who knows the hiring manager then state it here. In most cases, this automatically gets you an interview. Lastly, carefully highlight why you might be the best fit for the position and outline how the role aligns with your career goals.

Middle Paragraph:

Here is your chance to expand on your qualifications. Don't just list your skills, experience, and qualifications as you did when writing your resume. A targeted cover letter enhancing on specific skills that match the job requirements is the best way to sell yourself. Prove that you did some digging on the job. You can write something like, "I saw that in your job description you are looking for..." Connect the requirements listed to your accomplishments in your previous jobs. Want to go that extra mile? Look into the company stats or how they are planning on expanding and state how you can work with them to get there. It would be exceptional if you could prove your accomplishments with numbers so that the employer can better see how you are the best fit.


Almost there! Hit all the key points and make sure your concluding paragraph is strong and has a call-to-action that will give the hiring manager that final push to call you for an interview. Make sure to also thank the employer for their time and consideration.

Lastly, close the letter with a friendly but formal signature, such as "Sincerely" or "Kind regards." All in all, keep your cover letter short. Don't go on and on or add unnecessary information. You don't want to bore the reader either. At our resume writing service in El Paso, we can assist with your cover letter. Give us a call to get started with your personalized quote.

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