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El Paso Resume Writer Expert Advice: Christmas Season is the Best Time for Job Searching

The Christmas season is known to be one of the busiest times of the year. From gift shopping to attending holiday parties, it can get overwhelming quickly. If you're searching for a job, you might even think that you need to take a break during this time. Contrary to popular belief, November and December are actually the perfect months for job searching. In this blog post, our El Paso Resume Writer and Expert, Alexine Garcia, will discuss the many reasons why Christmas season is the best time for job searching.


Most Fiscal Calendars starts in October and companies are Ready to Hire Through December


During this fiscal period, many companies are preparing their budgets for the next year. They want to make sure they start the new year off strong, which means they are ready to hire new personnel. Additionally, they may have unspent funds they need to allocate before the end of the year. This is the perfect time to spruce up your resume and start applying for jobs. Don't wait until the new year when everyone else is doing the same. If this is you and you have waited until December, talk to one of our El Paso resume writers. There is still time for our team to help!


Unfortunately, Layoffs Happen in December


It's true, no one wants to think about layoffs during the Christmas season. Our team of El Paso writers sees an uptick in layoffs around the Christmas season just about every year. Companies are often looking where they can improve the bottom line heading into the new year. With labor being the biggest overhead on most plates, it is the first place that gets cut. This means that there are people out there who will be searching for new jobs. Often times, this causes a turnaround. In some companies low performers are let go and hiring officials may start their search for better talent to start the new year with better results. This means that while layoffs happened, jobs also pop up.


Less Competition in December


People are often too busy with holiday festivities to think about job searching during the Christmas season. This means there's less competition for job seekers. Employers might be more lenient in their job requirements, and you might even get more visibility from hiring managers. Keep in mind that companies still must run their business during the holiday season, which means they still need to fill positions.


Start The New Year with a Bang - and a New Job


Imagine starting the new year with a new job? It's not just about the paycheck, but also the sense of accomplishment and self-worth. By the end of December, you could have already landed a new job and started getting ahead of the competition. Moreover, it feels great to start the new year with momentum in your career. So, why wait until January to start job searching when you can do so now?


Hire an El Paso Resume Writer Today


The Christmas season is an excellent time to be job searching in El Paso, Texas or anywhere in the U.S. for that matter. Many companies are actively hiring, and there are fewer job seekers to compete with. Additionally, starting a new job in the new year can help you begin with a renewed sense of determination. Don't put your job search on hold during the holiday season when there are so many opportunities out there waiting for you. And if you need any help with your resume, be sure to reach out to an El Paso resume writer. We are ready to help!

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