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Overcoming a Time Gap - Perfect Your Resume

Updated: May 6, 2019

Military wives, stay-at-home moms, stay-at-home dads (they do exist, and growing popularity), disabled vets, job seekers looking for career change and a slew of other people come to our resume services with questions about time gaps on their resume. All too often, people fear that gaps are a deal breaker. We have even seen people stay out of the job market because they think that their chances of getting a career job are shot. Not true! Take a look at how we overcome this minor issue for our clients.

Close the Gap Now

At our resume service, I always advise my clients to close the gap, now! They always ask, how am I supposed to get a job so quickly? However, closing the time gap on your resume can include volunteer work! This is even better if you have already been volunteering for some time. If not, find something you are passionate about to get involved with. It is even better if you can find an opportunity related to the field you want to work in. This will show prospective employers that you are active and determined and even altruistic.

At our resume services, anding a short-term internship is optimal, as well. If we are being completely honest, these answers often make my clients grumble. They tell me that they have small children at home, a disability, a lack of free time, or they need money or a multitude of other reasons that disqualify them from volunteering or working for free at an internship. However, the sacrifice is well worth it. Taking the time to add this experience to your resume can mean adding valuable skills to your career history while also solving the problem of the gap.

Do Some Freelance Work

Another great answer to closing the time gap is finding freelance work. If you have children at home, this work can often be done on your own schedule. Being a contract worker means setting your own rules for employment in exchange for paying your own employment taxes. This is a tip that I often give to moms or expecting moms that know they want to take some time off but return to the workforce at some point.

This is actually exactly how I managed to spend two and half years at home with my son after he was born. I never stopped my freelance work, even while he was a few months old. My child was never the type to entertain himself or sit quietly while I worked on the laptop. So, I did have to use childcare at times and rely on the help of family members. But, at the end of the day, overcoming this challenge helped me grow and avoid a gap on my resume timeline.

Let Your Skills Speak for Themselves

If your resume is well-written and displays your previous accomplishments, qualifications and skills accurately you don’t have to worry about a time gap. First of all, if your skills and qualifications are included on your resume, you can be sure that your resume will make it through the first scan of the Applicant Tracking System. This is one of the most important strategies we employ at our resume service. We make sure that your timeline does display your work history full of keywords in an easy to look over format. These does things: first, we make sure you are matched with any job postings you send our way and second, it makes sure that an HR specialist can garner the info they want in seconds.

Get A Resume Review

Every situation is unique. This is exactly why each of our client received customized service and a unique end product. Getting an expert from a qualified resume service to look over your resume can be invaluable. You are welcomed to send us your resume or set up an appointment for a free consultation. We understand all too well the fear that comes with applying for a job after years of being out of the job market. This is a hurdle we help clients get over on a regular basis!

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