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Why Remote Work Has Become So Competitive: Advice from El Paso Resume Writers

With the momentous growth of technology, remote work has become a more popular job choice. After the pandemic, remote work become a necessity and even a more appealing option for many businesses. However, with so many people now favoring remote work opportunities, the competition has become intense. In this blog post our El Paso resume writer Alexine Garcia, we will discuss the reasons why remote work has become so competitive and what job seekers can do to increase chances of landing a remote job.

The Explosion of Digital Technology

Before the pandemic remote work was rare to find. An employee requesting remote work most likely got denied before 2020. However, after the sudden quarantine made telework a necessity. Then the development and widespread adoption of digital technology such as the cloud storage, video conferencing software, and project management tools, have made remote work more feasible and efficient. However, this has also made remote work more accessible for job seekers, leading to a highly competitive job market. Our El Paso resume writers have seen a huge increase in job seekers targeting work from home.

Cost Savings for Employers

Not only is remote work often more affordable for employees, but it also saves employers money. It is not just about cost savings on renting office space, but also on utilities, supplies, and other office-related expenses. There are so many hidden expenditures that come from running a brick and motor company or office. The cost savings that hiring remotely brings means that employers can afford to be more selective in their hiring processes, leading to more competition for remote job seekers.

Lifestyle Benefits for Job Seekers

For many job seekers, remote work offers many lifestyle benefits that a traditional office job cannot match. Remote work can provide more flexibility, more control over work schedules, and the ability to work from anywhere in the world. Vacationing while working has become a popular trend due to telework and work from home jobs. This lifestyle flexibility has led to remote work being highly sought after, which in turn has made it more competitive. As our El Paso resume writers encounter dozens of job seekers each week, we see that the appeal for a better lifestyle draws a lot of attention.

Wider Applicant Pool

Remote work allows employers to widen their applicant pool. No longer restricted by location, employers can consider candidates from anywhere in the world. This means that job seekers are now competing with candidates from all over the globe, making the job even more intense. Studies show that remote job postings draw seven times more applicants.

Skills Shortage

Lastly, while the pool of applicants has widened, job opportunities have not necessarily increased as quickly. Hence, there is a skills shortage in many industries for remote work, leading to even greater competition. Employers are looking for only the best candidates who have the required skills, attitude, and experience. Often times, having done remote work in the past is a skill that is sought after by employers, which can make the job search that much more tricky.

A Few Strategies From Our El Paso Resume Writers

All of these reasons make the remote job market highly competitive. However, there are ways job seekers can improve their chances of securing a remote job. Networking, developing in-demand skills, training, and certifications are some of the ways in which job seekers stand out from the competition. Additionally, job seekers can look into freelancing or part-time jobs to gain experience, build a portfolio, and improve their skills while they continue searching for the ideal remote job. Remote work has great benefits for employees and employers, but it also means job seekers must work harder to stand out in a competitive job market.

Having a pristine resume free of any typos or grammar errors with a great format is the way to go. A perfect resume will definitely stand out in a sea of applicants. If you are interested in setting up a free consultation to get a quote for our services, sign up today. We will be happy to answer your questions and get you on track for your next appointment.


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