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Getting the Most Out of Your Job Search During Summer

Updated: Jun 18

Summer is calling, and while many are answering with beach trips and barbecues, savvy job seekers know that this season can be an opportune time for landing their dream job. Traditionally seen as a slower period in the hiring cycle, summer offers unique advantages if you know how to leverage them. If you are searching for a resume writer near me, our expert, Alexine Garcia, has some great advice to boost your summer search. Here’s how you can make the most of your job search during these warmer months.

Take Advantage of the Extra Time

Summer often brings a more relaxed pace of life. Use this to your advantage by dedicating extra time to your job search. Review and update your resume, research potential employers, and prepare for interviews. With fewer distractions, you can focus more intently on crafting tailored applications that stand out. At El Paso Professional Resume, we see an uptick in jobseekers searching resume writer near me during the summer months. While life may slow down with the growing heat, the job searches often ramp up.

Consider that Summer is a Budget Review Period

During the summer months, many companies enter a critical phase in assessing their yearly goals. By late June, businesses are halfway through the year, prompting them to evaluate their progress and staffing needs.

Dan Thompson, Senior Director of Technology at Vaco, explains, "Summer is a halfway point for most companies to assess project progress. They can determine if they need additional resources to accelerate those projects." This period often leads companies to reevaluate their staffing needs, deciding whether to expand or invest more in certain teams.

While some departments may ramp up hiring during the summer, others may not, depending on their performance. The roles companies seek at this time may include contract workers or freelancers rather than full-time employees, as they look to complete various projects.

However, Thompson notes, "It's not always noticeable to job seekers because people are very mobile and accessible. The workforce culture has changed significantly, allowing for more remote meetings and interactions."

Hiring May Slow Down in Summer

One challenge for job seekers during the summer is that the hiring process can take longer. From finding candidates to interviewing and making decisions, the slower pace of summer can delay feedback and extend start dates due to key players being out of the office.

Summer's slow pace can lead to delay and limited urgency in hiring new employees. Thompson notes that "People are more likely to take vacation during the summer, which may postpone interview processes or decision-making." Candidates shouldn't be discouraged if they don't hear back from employers right away; it could simply be due to scheduling complications.

Amanda Mulay, Senior Talent Manager at Lerer Hippeau, acknowledges, "Key hiring managers or founders might be traveling or raising funds, slowing down the recruiting process." Nick Cromydas, co-founder and CEO of Hunt Club, adds, "The average time to fill a role increases by 20 to 35% over the summer due to scheduling challenges."

Despite these delays, recruiters remain active, conducting interviews, answering emails, and reviewing resumes even when not in the office. "We're not seeing hiring trends slow down as much as they did five or seven years ago," Cromydas explains. Mulay highlights that at smaller companies, founders are so focused on growth that they rarely take fully unplugged vacations, if at all.

For job seekers, understanding these dynamics can help manage expectations and stay proactive during the summer hiring season.

Take Advantage of Networking Opportunities

While some companies may have slower hiring processes during the summer, there are still plenty of networking opportunities available. Summer events such as fairs, workshops, and conferences can provide valuable connections and potential job leads. Even online webinars can be profitable for your job search.

Sharpen Your Skills with Online Classes

Use the summer months to boost your qualifications with online courses. Whether it's learning a new software, improving your public speaking skills, or earning a certification in your field, continuous learning can set you apart from other candidates. Websites like Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning offer numerous options to enhance your resume.

Hire an El Paso Resume Writer for Quicker Results

If you want to accelerate your job search, consider hiring a professional resume writer. A resume writer near me can offer tailored advice and craft a resume that highlights your strengths and achievements. This specialized service can save you time and increase your chances of landing interviews by presenting your experience in the best possible light.


Summer can be a surprisingly effective time to advance your job search. By taking advantage of the extra time, understanding the hiring trends, sharpening your skills, and considering professional help, you can turn the seasonal lull into an opportunity.

If you want to get the most out of your job search while saving time, hiring a professional resume writer is the way to go. Call our team today to set up a free consultation. We will listen to your needs and goals and provide exactly what you need.


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