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What the Best Cover Letters Get Right

Cover letters are used to show your interest in a position, your affection towards the company, and the outcome you’ve had in past roles. Cover letters need to have an exceptional opening, applicable skills and qualifications, and a big conclusion. All of this needs to be on one page, written in a concise manner. Cover letters also need to be different for each job application.

Very few cover letters stand out. Here's a chance for you to hire a professional resume service at the earliest stage of the recruitment process. Writing an exemplary cover letter goes beyond replacing the title and company name in each letter you send to employers.

What’s Goes on a Cover Letter?

There are a few things you need when writing your cover letter.

  • A clean but charming salutation to address the hiring manager or recruiter. Determine who might oversee the role and address your letter to them. If you can find out an exact name, even better!

  • A memorable introduction that states why you’re interested in the role.

  • A brief list of skills and qualifications. This is the most important part of your cover letter. It highlights your compatible experience and why you’d be a great person for the position. You can feature special education, achievements, experiences, or skills to help make your case.

  • A strong closing paragraph that summarizes relevant expertise to the posting and emphasizes that you don’t only want the job but also want to help the company reach their goals. Provide a call-to-action by mentioning your interest in an interview.

  • Provide your contact information in the header and finish with your signature.

What does a Cover Letter Look Like?

Cover letters give you the chance to show a simple, clean, and fascinating writing sample that highlights your originality and capability to transmit ideas. It should definitely be short. It should also be compelling. Lead with your best stuff! And of course, the formatting should definitely match your resume.

How Can You Make Your Cover Letter Stand out?

There’s one question you have to answer: What do you have to offer by working here? It is best to lead with this information, especially if it makes a good tale. Figure out what problems this position is supposed to solve for the company. Then state why and how your experience can and will solve them. The key to an extraordinary cover letter is research.

We advise against blabbering on and on, but a short story that showcases your desire to work for a specific employer and the value you bring to the table, can really make you stand out. If you lie about this, that would probably be revealed eventually in an interview, so make sure your story is true. If you’re really passionate about a specific position, think about what that profound enthusiasm is based on. Don’t be shy and tell your hiring manager about that in a few sentences.

What else does a good cover letter do well? It makes a connection with the hiring manager before they've even met the person applying for the open position. Mention any experience you’ve had with the organization. If you’ve applied to that company before, if you are a client of theirs, or if you have specific industry experience for the role you are applying for, be sure to highlight that. This builds affinity with the hiring manager.

Recruiters look for applicants that show how they represent the hiring company’s culture. State why you like the company and how your experience is compatible with it. This shows your dedication to the company.

Be sure to keep it brief and organized. Three short paragraphs will do. Don’t go into a lot of detail and overwhelm the reader with too much information. Use casual language and include only the pieces of information that matter most and are relevant to the recruiter instead of showcasing lots of facts hoping that one is relevant. Show only the experiences the recruiter should focus on.

Make Good Use of Professional Resume Services

Stand out to the hiring team. Hire our professional resume writers to find out how you should construct your cover letter. Cover letters can be really effective and can carry personality to the hiring manager.

Writing a strong cover letter can help you transmit your interest in the role and organization. Maybe you’re just getting started in your career and looking to land the right internship to gain experience in your field, or maybe you are making a career change. In today’s competitive world, it’s so easy to feel defeated, not good enough, or like giving up your job search. Don’t let the process become so boring.

Did you know that our professional resume services can take care of the cover letter for you? A professional writer puts together the crucial parts of a brief cover letter: motivation about the role, your skills, and a call-to-action for the hiring manager to follow up with you. You need to quickly convince the recipient to keep reading. Combining these essential components in a well-written, compelling anecdote will go a long way in convincing employers to hire you.

Hire an Expert Today

Stop worrying and boost your chances of having your resume read with help from our expert cover letter and resume writing services. With a professional resume service, it is possible to have some fun with your job hunt, and even make yourself a stronger candidate along the way.

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