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Take Control of Your Career: Create and Follow Your Own Growth Plan

In today's job market, there are so many career driven professionals trying to make it to the next step. That can be the next promotion, a raise, or a move to a different company. With most workplaces providing limited advancement opportunities, it's important that you create your own growth plans and take control of your career. As a leader of a successful local resume service, I have some advice to help you make your growth plan and stick to it.

A growth plan is a roadmap that outlines your career goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them. In this post, I will discuss how to create a growth plan and follow it, so you can take charge of your career and achieve the success you desire.

Step 1: Identify your Career Goals

The first step in creating your own growth plan is to identify your career goals. It works best if you actually write them down. When you head out to a location you’ve never been in your car you don’t just wander and hope to get there. You use a GPS, right? A growth plan is the same thing.

As a local resume service, we see too many of our clients' head in a direction without knowing where they are going. Think about where you want to be in the future, both short-term and long-term. This could be achieving a specific role, earning a promotion, or even starting your own business. Once you have a clear idea of your career goals, you can start to map out the steps you will need to take to achieve them.

Step 2: Develop an Action Plan

Your growth plan should include actionable steps that lead you towards your career goals. Start by identifying the skills you will need to develop to achieve your goals. Do you already have these skills? Or do you need to obtain them? This could include attending training sessions or taking online courses. You could also volunteer a few hours a week somewhere to get officials hours down that can get written onto your resume.

Your growth plan should also include opportunities to gain experience such as volunteering, asking for new responsibilities, or participating in additional projects. Keep your growth plan flexible so you can adjust it as needed to stay on track with your goals.

Step 3: Set Milestones and Measure Progress

To stay motivated and on track with your growth plan, it's important to set milestones and measure your progress along the way. Break down your action plan into smaller, achievable goals over specific periods of time. Having a timestamp on things makes it official.

Be dedicated enough to stick to this plan. You may need to learn about habits and self-discipline to make this happen. This could be weekly or monthly, depending on the nature of the goal. When you achieve a milestone, celebrate your success, and then set the next one.

Step 4: Seek Feedback and Mentorship

One of the most valuable aspects of a growth plan is feedback and mentorship. Seek out individuals who can provide guidance and support you in achieving your career goals. This could be a colleague who has already achieved a similar career path or a mentor who can offer advice and significant industry insights. When seeking feedback, be open to constructive criticism and accept your own areas of improvement with humility.

Step 5: Track Your Progress with a Planner or Journal

The key to successfully implementing your growth plan is tracking your progress over time. Use a planner or journal to keep track of your milestones, goals, and progress. Moreover, you can use such a tracker to reflect on what worked well and what did not, or the areas of your growth plan you need to adjust. By keeping a journal or planner, you continue to move forward and become more mindful in your professional growth.

Creating your own growth plan is one of the most crucial steps you can take to achieve success in your career. Without a growth plan, you risk stagnating, and your career advancement opportunities disappear. By developing an actionable plan, tracking your progress, and being open to feedback, you can take control of your career trajectory.

If you're looking for a planner with the right tools to help you build a strong growth plan, purchase the 2024 Career and Goal Planner. With this planner, you will have a useful tool at your disposal to create a tailored career growth blueprint. Take charge of your career and create a growth plan to achieve the success you deserve! If you are truly excited and ready to jump into this idea, reach out to me through email and simply as for our 2024 Career and Goal Planner as a free gift and I will send it to you. I am always ready to help eager job seekers!

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